Bad words post coming up

This is not gonna be a positive life is good post. This is be good or be gone kinda post.
I am so sick of people lying to themselves and the way they lie to other people because of that. I am a very positive person. I trust and I believe in the best in people. This is who I am! But when I get bulldozed over and over again I get angry. I turn in to a very ugly person.
I do not on purpose hurt someone or intend to ruin their life’s or their days. I do not try to lie to people to make things easier because I know it will bite me in the ass later. I do not ignore people because I know how I feel about being ignored.
I am a very genuine person. What I say is what I mean. What I do is what I want to do.
I do not lie! I do not want to ruin other people’s life’s. I am honest because I expect others to be honest to me!
I am so tired of people being halfhearted or fake or whatever. If you want to be my friend you are in it or you are not. That means that you don’t come of with excuses or maybes or whatever. I do everything for my friends and I damn right expect them to do the same.
This is not pointed at one specific person, it’s pointed at more people, situations, my friends being screwed over and so on.
I am no angel! Oh no I am not. I know I make mistakes and I own up to them! I say sorry because when I do something that hurt someone else I don’t like it and I never intended to hurt them.
I am just sick of fake people throwing bullshit at me or others. Stop f’ing lying, stop lying to yourself!
Be honest with me already. If you want me to be in your life show it. If you want someone else to be in your life tell them and show them. Don’t be a douche and pretend. Don’t be that person that is only hanging out with someone when it’s convenient. Don’t be the person that is all over the place because you don’t listen to what YOU really want.
Stop already! Just be honest. Sometimes the truth hurts and so what?! Better than the alternative.
And ending this with a peace and love to everyone. This writing it down helped with my angry thought. Ready to take on the day!

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