Cleaning out my closet

I am cleaning out my closet. Literally and figuratively. I am leaving Sydney next week and have to throw things out and pack the rest.
On a more personal note I am cleaning out my closet of negatives. I don’t need it in my life. I realized the last few weeks that I am too good hearted to some people that don’t deserve my love and support. For a long time I have been sorting the negative things out and I am still really good at that. Sometimes I just forget it for a little while and then I sit there with negative and poisonous people around me. People that are not doing me anything good. People that are using me. People that only take their time to see me when it’s convenient for them. People that take me for granted. People that use my support and trust for their own gain. People that doesn’t give anything to me. People that are not honest with themselves. People that think it’s okay to use other people.
I don’t want people like that in my life. I have let a few people in to my life that turned out to be that. If I had looked good and hard at them, I would’ve seen this. I would’ve seen that they are not good people. That they use people. I am good at reading people but sometimes I try to push my first read and impression of them away to give them a chance. I’m very few situations they prove my first impression wrong. But most of the times it stick and they turn out to be exactly what I thought they would be. That is for me so sad. I always believe in the best in people – one of the things that is a major flaw but also major positive I have.
I have deleted and pushed these people away now. They are no longer welcome in my life.
I am cleaning out my closet. I want amazing people that will give me as much priority as I give them.
Don’t take me for granted. I don’t deserve it! I know I don’t.

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