Photo credit – Merle Petersen

This is me! I am born in 1990 and from Denmark. Since November 2014 and until May 2016 I moved to Canada and worked and lived there. I moved back to Copenhagen in August 2016 and am studying my masters in accounting. I have spent 6 months in Sydney studying.

Quick personal story about me: I lost my husband in March 2014. He died from lung cancer only 24 years old. We were together for about 5,5 years and got married a week before he died in the hospital. Beautiful!

Since 2018 I have have an amazing “new love of my life” man in my life – Jakob. The blog will show my life and our life together.

I always wanted a way to express myself – and has been writing a diary for many years – I therefore decided to start a blog. I’ve been on and off since I started but here I am. I also changed it to English since a lot of my friends reading is all over the world!

Go ahead – follow – email – do whatever. I am right here 🙂

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