When things seems unreal

That feeling of : “no this can’t be real. Can I be this? No it can’t be real!”
I had that feeling today. It seems so unreal everything happening around me.
In the past 3 years I have been across the globe and back. I’ve been so many places and I can honestly say I’ve been complete in it and happy with it. I have not done anything I would regret or trade for anything. What I have done since my husband died has all been for me – to take my mind to the state of ME and the new ME!
But still I get the feeling that all of this can’t be real. How can I deserve this? How can I be this lucky?
It hit me full on in the train going to the airport. I looked at the Opera House in Sydney out of the train. In that second my life made me loose my breath. How can your life make you loose your breath!? I honestly don’t know. But in that moment, for 10 seconds, I was the happiest I had been in a long time. I was in the most safe place in a long time. I was in complete and utterly peace! WOW!
Take a look around you – take a deep breath – think of what has happened and was is ahead of you. Think of how lucky you are to be alive. Think of how fast it can be taken away. Think of what you have been through. Think of where it had taken you.
Look at where you are! Inhale the pain and exhale the love! ❤️

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